Blessing the Ball

    I met Jason while he was chatting with Jessica, who was featured in this post.

    As I was about to see a WNBA playoff game, it seemed fitting that Jason had a basketball tattoo to offer up.

    The above piece, inked on his left calf, depicts a basketball, below which are two hands, clasped in prayer.

    Jason played college basketball for the University of the District of Columbia. He got this tattoo in 1999 in D.C. when he was in school there.

    The hands represent a blessing over his ability to play basketball, which was a significant aspect in his life, as it is with any college athlete. The ability to compete athletically is a God-given talent and many believe that their faith accompanies them onto the courts, fields, and tracks, giving them the strength to accomplish their goals.

    Thanks to Jason for sharing this sports-themed inspirational tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!Source URL:
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