Charlie Honors The Birth of His Youngest Son

    A cold and dreary day drove me underground on Tuesday, as I spent some of my lunch hour inkspotting, and meeting some new tattoos.

    Since it was Tat-Tuesday, it only seemed fitting that I met a father and son, Amtrakking from Florida up to Boston, who had four tattoos apiece.

    I met Charlie first, who had a tiger on his forearm. However, he offered up this piece on his right bicep instead:

    As a parent with child-inspired ink, I certainly appreciated this tattoo which honors the birth of his youngest son, Derry.

    He wanted to do a tribute, but didn't want to do a portrait, which is a popular method for doing so. Instead, he went for the footprints, name and birth date.

    Whereas a portrait is a snapshot in time, footprints and/or hand prints are a record of your child's beginning, and a literal imprint of part of their flesh on one's own. There's something remarkable about the historical record contained therein, like the door jamb in the family home that displays the height-marks of the child, growing over the years.

    This piece was inked by "Old School" at AK's N Chevrolets in Hollywood, Florida.

    I can't find an active link for the shop, and it appears as it was renamed Almost Famous 2 Tattoos (not to be confused with Almost Famous Tattoos in Miami).

    Check back in the coming days to see the tattoo offered up by Charlie's older son Jason, that ties in to this piece as well.

    Thanks to Charlie for sharing his little piece of family history here on Tattoosday!Source URL:
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