Introducing Mary's Ink: An Incredible Chalice

    My wife Melanie, from time to time, gets to plug Tattoosday with people she meets through the course of her day.

    I recently received the following e-mail:


    You don’t know me but your wife Melanie does . . . and of course since I am writing to you…have tats.

    I started getting them on my 40th birthday. All were done by Fine Line Tattoos. I have attached a picture of one but I can take more. Melanie thought you would like it. This last one is based on fantasy art. It is a chalice. The artist's name is Mehai Bakaty and ... he has been working for over 20 years. His dad, Mike, is also very famous. [Below, Mike and Mehai Bakaty in the shop]

    I think all of them including another artist there by the name of Skull (no joke) are fantastic. They are unassuming and don’t do PR and unfortunately are not as busy as they should be.

    Thanks for looking.


    Thank you, Mary, for sharing your awesome chalice with us here at Tattoosday!
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