Mara Shares a Decorative Tattoo

    I met Mara this afternoon in the plaza at the corner of 39th Street and Broadway. She was kind enough to share the above tattoo, inked on her left forearm.

    She talked to me as she finished her soup, and I'm appreciative of that, as I felt a little guilty intruding on her lunch break.

    Mara notes that this piece is "purely decorative". It was tattooed by Stephanie Tamez at New York Adorned, based on a design created by her friend Katherine Irwin.

    The tattoo is inspired by the work of Aubrey Beardsley (who provided inspiration for a previous Tattoosday entry here). The lines and design, especially the peacock feathers, have a Beardsley-esque feel to them.

    Thanks to Mara for sharing this beautiful tattoo with us!Source URL:
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