A Bright Spot in December: A Phoenix and a Pin-Up

    As one would expect, inkspotting is tough during December. Here we are at the end of the month, and I have only interviewed three people since the 1st. There were a few times over the summer when I interviewed three contributors during my lunch hour!

    The last person whose work I photographed was Megan, who I found upstairs at the Penn Plaza Borders store.

    Megan has seventeen tattoos, but it was this one that caught my eye:

    This is a phoenix, of course, but fewer people may recognize it as Fawkes, the phoenix of Professor Albus Dumbledore, in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

    The artwork is based on the illustration by Jason Cockcroft on the cover of the UK edition of the aforementioned book.

    The tattooist Jamie Nichols at Gargoyle Tattoo in Aberdeen, Washington, completed this piece in about eight hours over two sittings.

    Megan also has this pinup on her upper left arm:

    The use of negative space for the bombs is pretty cool.

    Marcus was the artist at Gargoyle that Megan credited for creating this piece..

    Thanks to Megan for taking the time to speak to me about her cool tattoos!Source URL: http://quotidianoirreversivel.blogspot.com/2010/12/bright-spot-in-december-phoenix-and-pin.html
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