Cat's Hands-ome Tattoos

    I met Cat earlier this week at Borders, which has been the go-to locale for inkspotting during a very sparse winter.

    He has fifteen tattoos, but we discussed the two I noticed, on the tops of his hands:

    The tattoos are variations on Celtic pagan designs that he modified to make his own.

    The right hand represents the chalice of the goddess, who represents expressiveness and creativity. Wiccan principles acknowledge that the goddess is the source of all expression.

    Cat's other hand is decorated with a Celtic triquetra. The three markings around the design are letters drawn in the Theban script, each corresponding to the first initials of his three children.

    Cat says that these, as well as his other tattoos, were inked by Neo at Village Moon Tattoos in Jackson Heights, in the borough of Queens.

    Readers interested in these tattoos may also be interested in checking out our old friend Livia Indica's site NeoPagan Ink.

    Thanks kindly to Cat for sharing his tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!Source URL:
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