Tattoosday Weekend Recap

    I just wanted to share some interesting tidbits that have come my way over the last few weeks:

    First, someone has been sharing links in the comments section anonymously on several recent posts. As is my custom, I only approve comments if they are related to the post in question. Nonetheless, the links point to a YouTube channel for Sullen TV. I thought I'd share one here, which features the artist Nikko Hurtado, and interested parties can explore their YouTube channel here.


    The other day I came across a cool site called that has a really nice collection of body jewelry, a lot of which would look great with a new tattoo. It's definitely worth a look!


    Last June, I featured this tattoo by artist Scott Campbell. I was recently told about this short film on the site Nowness.Be sure to check it out!

    And finally, we're about a month away from April, and our third annual installment of the Tattooed Poets Project. I wanted to give a shout-out to one of last year's poets, Erica Rivera, whose tattoo was featured here. Her new book Maneater is available on Amazon:

    Visit the Man Eater Facebook page for a taste of Erica Rivera's writing.Source URL:
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