Chris's Cherry Blossoms Grace His Forearm

    On Friday afternoon, I ran into Chris near the 34th Street subway station near the Manhattan Mall.

    He had this wonderful tattoo on his left forearm:

    Chris explained that this tree resembles a cherry blossom tree that he played on with his cousin when he was a kid. His cousin has passed, so this is, in essence, a memorial, "without being over the top".

    I found it interesting and quite poignant that I spotted this piece on the day of the earthquake in Japan, when the plight of the residents in the northern part of that country was on so many minds. The cherry blossom, as many know, is often associated with the temporary, fleeting nature of life.

    I particularly like the shadowy effect in the background of the tattoo:

    Chris credited Ryan at ArtCore Tattoos in Naples, Florida with this tattoo.

    Thanks to Chris for sharing his tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!

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