Home is Where the Star Is

    Yesterday in Penn Station, I met Jonathan, whose one tattoo caught my eye when I passed him in the Amtrak waiting area.

    Except, sometimes, a fragment of a tattoo doesn't necessarily reveal the whole piece. As in Jonathan's case, I saw the back of his arm, and this segment, which resembled (to me, at the time), a crude figure with the beginning of a speech bubble emanating from its mouth:

    I felt rather silly, however, when Jonathan agreed to participate and showed me the full tattoo:

    The figure I imagined, of course, is really Long Island, and the balloon was the southern tip of the state of New York.

    Jonathan explained that he is from Rochester, marked on the tattoo with a star, and that he lived in the same house growing up there for eighteen years. It's a New York state of mind, indeed.

    The tattoo was done at Big Joe & Sons Tattooing in White Plains, New York.

    Thanks to Jonathan for sharing his stately tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!

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