Tattoos I Know: A Medley from Maida

    It's safe to say that Maida has been a fan of Tattoosday from its earliest days.

    Over the last three years, a day generally doesn't go by without our discussing ink. As a co-worker, and a friend, she's a regular visitor to the site.

    Which is why one might wonder why her tattoos have taken this long to appear on Tattoosday. I even recall discussing with her potential designs as she researched new ideas.

    We always talked about me taking pictures, but it never came to fruition.

    However, yesterday the stars aligned and we got our collective acts together. Let's take a look, shall we?

    I'm starting with my favorite pair of the three she is sharing (out of four, in all):

    These two are pretty cool, and the top one. a triquetra, I remember her spending a lot of time thinking about.
    She feels that it also acts as protection, warding off the evil eye:

    Below that is a butterfly that is not your standard design. The wings' patterns resemble skulls:

    Maida says this dual image, the softness of the butterfly and the roughness of the skulls, represents the two sides of life, and is a double-edged sword. The kanji represent the symbols for power (top) and strength (bottom).

    Maida also shared this tattoo on the outside of her right calf, above the ankle:

    Maida got this, along with her friend Kathy, as a testament to "the strong bond and love between two best friends". They each have it on the same spot, although Kathy's butterfly has lavender wings, whereas Maida's are turquoise.

    All of Maida's tattoos above were inked by an artist named JStar, whose website is here. The site includes photos of more of her work and is well worth a look.

    Thanks to Maida for sharing her tattoos with us here, finally, on Tattoosday! We look forward to seeing more in the future!Source URL:
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