Kate Reminds Us: Two Calves Are Better than One

    I met Kate last month and she shared these two, of her eleven tattoos:

    Kate says these don't have specific meanings behind them, she "just liked the art". Nothing wrong with that at all.

    On the left calf, Kate has an exquisite black and grey piece by Benjamin Moss at Apocalypse Tattoo in Seattle.

    The romantically morbid idea of two skeletons sharing an eternity in the same coffin is a haunting image.

    On her right calf is this dagger:

    The phrase "MORTE PRIMA DI DISONORE" translates to the expression "Death Before Dishonor". This tattoo was created at Addiction NYC on St. Mark's Place in Manhattan.

    Thanks to Kate for sharing these great tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!

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