The London post

    Arrrghh, i feel so terribly behind on posts right now!
    I shouldn't be, it's just that a lot of stuff is happening right now, and it's hard to keep up.
    Oh my god, i sound like Nick now...
    But fear not, this is what staycations are for. I will catch up with myself!

    First up; London!
    I am trying to divide pictures between my two blogs, so they both get a piece of the convention action.
    Not that i took a lot of pictures; i was generally too busy, tired, bored or stressed to do that, but i got a few.

    Allan's flash project was a huge success. Or at least to us it was, but i'm hoping the people who got tattooed liked it as well.
    We've tried the walk-up/line-drawing concept before, but this time, with the flash actually painted, people really seemed to respond to it, so that was great.
    And Allan got to work more and do way more tattoos than usual (his goal, not mine!), so i think this is what's gonna happen next year too. I don't have a lot of finished tattoo pictures, but Allan already posted them all on his blog, so just go check them out there.
    Maybe next year he'll start painting a little sooner than a week before?
    Just a thought....

     Setting up on thursday... our banner came out a little (read: a lot) bigger than intended

    BBMF (best booth-mate forever) Chriss Dettmer's half of the table

    Awkward tattooing


    Allan and Kevin being all "grrr, metal"

    Hand tattoo by Chriss Dettmer

    Partying at the hotel means braiding Allan's hair!

    Lies, straight from my instagram

    Convention family having a tattoo party

    Thanks to everyone who got tattooed, and to those who wanted to but didn't get in as well.
    And thanks to our friends and clients for coming by the booth and hanging out when we didn't have time to come to them.
    See you next year!Source URL:
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