You know how i always let you know well in advance when we have a guest artist coming so you have a chance to book in with them?
    Yeah, sometimes i don't do that.
    I already knew a while back that our friend Sarah B. Bolen, who lives in Berlin, was coming for a visit and we'd arranged for her to work at the shop for a few days, but since she'd already booked her weekend a good while back, i didn't wanna post about it here and make it seem like she had time for more tattoos.
    And now i feel bad!
    But she's already making plans to come back soon, and i promise i'll let you know when she does.
    All official like and everything.

    This is what Sarah did today
      If you wanna see what she worked on in this goofy picture, you should look her up on instagram (@eraserbits)

    And speaking of everyones favorite app obsession; Allan tattooed Sarah yesterday and both their pictures went popular at the same time... what a bunch of nerds!

    Coming soon: a screen printing update!
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